About the world

There is no arcane power in the Watchwater world. However, beings can have varying degrees of hypnogogic abilities, in which they force their will onto that of others and can alter their perception of reality. Alchemy is also powerfully strong and numerous magical effects can be produced through alchemical science.

For those who can afford it, there are also bio-mechanical prostheses that can be rigged to create alchemical and electrochemical effects, although in the major cities where these procedures are available, they are also often restricted to military uses, or made available only to the ruling classes.



Ape-like species. Omnivorous. Adaptable. Violent. +2 to any

Movement: 6


Rabbit-like species. Vegetarian. Excellent stealthiness (+2 Dex) and awareness (+2 Wis). Quiet and slow to trust, leaning toward wiry and waifish.

Movement: 7


Necrotic species with calcified flesh. Necrophagous. Extremely strong (+2 Str), and with a degree of shared conciousness (+2 Int). Extremely disgusting. Ossora are far less susceptible to ballistic and ranged weapons (-5 damage), and far more susceptible to alchemical attacks (+5 damage).

Movement: 5


Beings given form to communicate, entertain, and rule, made out of mechanicals and waxworks. Do not eat, but require an electrochemical charge. Beautiful and appealing in nature by design (+3 Cha) as well as built to last (+1 Con). Given to relying on their appeal, rather than developing in their own way. Waxmade are susceptible to fire and heat damage (+5 damage), but regenerate 1d4 HP/round for the duration of an encounter in which they suffer said damage, until they have regenerated completely. Immune to electrochemical damage.

Movement: 6


Fighter, Monk, Ardent, Artificer, Rogue, Bard…

There will be more, and variations and hybrids of the above are acceptable. All “magic” in the Watchwater campaign setting has to come from either the mind of the character, or from their manipulation of the materials at hand. Both Ardents and Artificers are considered leaders.

If he or you would like info on those classes, or would like to see the powers available, let me know.


Sky City

A major traffic city, with lots of growth, suspended by balloons. Dominated by humans. The ostensibile capitol of the territories, though not official. Waxmade live here as politicians and provide a court to rule over the city. A few Ossora live here to tend to the dead and are generally left to their own devices, with some working as guards on transportation vessels and the like. The Lapin have only recently moved here, refugees of the War of Seven Houses. They are treated with scorn and have scraped together a life in the hanging slums and in the Dumps, where the city is anchored. Cablecars carry workers up and down the anchor chains.


Lapin dominated city. Seat of the Twelve High Queens and the capitol of the Brer-Sha Empire, overwhelming victors in the recent War of Seven Houses. An ancient city, with architectural marvels, spilling half into the Hetho River, where the streets are replaced by canals. It is rumored that there is a second, hidden city beneath the sewer system, where only the Imperial Families and their servants are admitted entrance. Humans here are predominantly traders and stick to the skyports and surrounding commercial areas. There is a large and very visible contingent of Ossora, trailing figures from the Twelve’s mercenary army and hired to police the streets and canals of the city. Waxmade here are purely entertainers and courtesans and are primarily in residence on an island of barges called the Cloud of Dreams.


Human dominated city. Seat of the Marking Empire. All species are well-established here, existing in a variety of functions. The Lapin generally live in the poorer sections of the city and excel in trade. The Ossora are focused around a well-respected university. The Waxmade mingle in the court and are influential in policy. The Church of the Falling Age is also seated here, and is very strong in its influence. The CFA is a wide-flung, predominantly human religion that believes the end of the world is thirty years away. Their influence is such that their calendar, which counts down, is used throughout the Marking Empire and in the territories.


An Ossoran city, built into the walls of a vast chasm in the vast Brada Desert. A city of bridges. The place is full of learning. The architecture is harsh and gothic. It is not uncommon to see amazing alchemical and bio-mechanical marvels, and it is said that the deeper you go the stranger it gets. For the most part, humans and Lapins trade on the surface. A few Waxmade live on the surface as well, to serve the pleasures of visitors and the occasional curiosity of the Ossora.


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