Byres Celsoe

Lapin monk. Last surviving member of the Order of the Bending Reed.


Byres is becoming frustrated that the people he has sworn to protect are intent on destroying themselves.


The Journal of Byres Celsoe

My name is Byres Celsoe. I arrived at the monastery of the Order of the Bending Reed at the age of thirteen. Of my life before I do not speak. When one joins the Order, one joins it completely, to study the craft is the only goal.

The Order of the Bending Reed lies on an island in the Hetho River, on the fringes of the city Chawin. For the last four years I have trained, bringing my body to its peak of physical perfection. Much like the blade, the body must first be honed before it can be turned into a weapon. That is the goal of the Order, to turn the body into a living weapon, and to use that weapon to protect the innocent and the weak.

Such is the way of the Stone Fist. Strike fast, strike hard, move on.

Our Centered Breath brothers seek to control the battle, but like the reed, we weave our way through it, leaving no opponent unmarked.

War broke out. The War of the Seven Houses tore at the Empire, and though the Brer-Sha were the victors, not all were still safe.

Villages were sacked, people were killed. The Order left its home to do what it could, but I was too young. My body was honed, but I lacked the skills to survive the onslaughts they would face.

It was decided that I would travel to the Order of the Mountain Rose, a long and arduous journey, but far from the fighting.

I boarded an airship in Chawin, and traveled as far as Sky City. It was there the captain of my ship broke his bond with my masters, leaving me to my own end.

Having no money to move on, I sought refuge in the slums of Sky City, where I later received word that the Order of the Bending Reed was no more. Overwhelmed, they had fallen.

These slums are filled with Lapin refugees. Unwanted, exploited, reviled. Unable to move forward, and with no one behind me, I have decided to stay. I will do my best to protect these people, and in return, I hope, they will provide me with what little they can, and what little I need.

Byres Celsoe

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